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  • Making Indianapolis a Globally Recognized Center of Innovation

      “Centric as an organization has a vision to make Indianapolis a recognized center of innovation” Jerry McColgin How can Indianapolis become a globally recognized center of innovation? According to strategy+business’ Ernest J. Wilson III, innovation clusters need to draw on the power of an interrelated “quad” of sectors: public, private, civil, and academic. When [...]

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  • Inventing is only half of innovation

    Have you ever read a great blog post or newspaper article from a non-mainstream publication? More often you have not. Yet, a lot of great innovative ideas are out there without us knowing. Innovation is one half cup inventing a solution and another half cup marketing that solution. You may have researched, tested, and created [...]

  • How Can Indianapolis Become a Globally Recognized Center of Innovation?

      This is a question that I have made a personal commitment to help answer as I plan to return to the region after a 6 year absence, having been living in Hong Kong. Does Indianapolis have the resources or even the appetite to build a community where innovative individuals and companies can prosper? I [...]

  • It’s Time to Kill “Innovation”

    We absolutely love unique ideas, compelling thoughts and witnessing things from vantage points we never knew existed before. When our minds are reshaped by a piece of previously unknown information, we’re truly awestruck. But, we hate, hate, HATE the term “Innovation!” When people label their idea as “innovative” that’s usually a red flag that what [...]

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