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  • Making Indianapolis a Globally Recognized Center of Innovation

      “Centric as an organization has a vision to make Indianapolis a recognized center of innovation” Jerry McColgin How can Indianapolis become a globally recognized center of innovation? According to strategy+business’ Ernest J. Wilson III, innovation clusters need to draw on the power of an interrelated “quad” of sectors: public, private, civil, and academic. When [...]

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  • It’s Time to Kill “Innovation”

    We absolutely love unique ideas, compelling thoughts and witnessing things from vantage points we never knew existed before. When our minds are reshaped by a piece of previously unknown information, we’re truly awestruck. But, we hate, hate, HATE the term “Innovation!” When people label their idea as “innovative” that’s usually a red flag that what [...]

  • Ways to create a culture of innovation

    In my last post, I covered some of the main reasons why innovation fails in companies. In this post I want to focus on how to implement a genuine and sustainable culture of innovation. How companies can nurture innovation and motivate their talents to bring innovations forward?Each company is destined to get the results it gets. What [...]

  • Innovation is an action and NOT a product.

    We see successful innovators lead the forefront. They create amazing products to end customers’ headaches. Every product creates a ripple effect of innovation. People become inspired and some want to become innovators. The truth is innovation does not come from the product. Innovation comes from what the product represents… hope. A person’s hope to change [...]

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